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WHEDA Stories

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WHEDA Stories is a collection of articles highlighting the positive impact WHEDA has had on the people and places across Wisconsin throughout our 45+ years. 

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A Bountiful CROP of Wisconsin Farmers

In the late 1970’s, Wisconsin agriculture experienced unprecedented profits due to increasing exports and production...

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Realizing Homeownership at any Age

In 2016, Fort Atkinson was welcoming to a pair of home buyers scouring the market for their new happy home...

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A Holiday Carol with the Moore Family

As the leaves changed their colors, and cold nipped the air,
a new happy family paid no mind, nor did care...

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Lindsay Heights

Before freeways replaced houses, and the unrest of the 1960s drove residents and businesses out of Lindsay Heights, the 30-block area on the north side of Milwaukee, named after community activist Bernice Lindsay, was a thriving working-class neighborhood. After 30 years of blight and deterioration...

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Global Water Center

In 2011, 98,000 square feet of abandoned warehouse in Milwaukee’s Walker’s Point neighborhood stood with no purpose other than to collect the dirt and grime of the city. That all changed when 25 companies focusing on water technology decided to call this old seven-story building home...

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DEER Program

In 1985, WHEDA launched the Demonstration of Energy Efficient Rehabilitation (DEER) program...

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HouseKey Wisconsin

In September 2001, WHEDA launched HouseKey, an online service for customers to begin the home loan process, becoming the first housing authority in the nation to offer such a service...


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Growing Dairy

For many dairy farmers, the practice of a long-loved Wisconsin tradition is rooted in a bloodline that spans for several generations...

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A SEED for Wisconsin's Future

In September of 1984, when the warm summer months began growing cooler, Mr. Richard Hecht found his company, Stuart Manufacturing, tumbling into a despairing situation...

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A Welford Legacy in Lofts

For blighted neighborhoods, the revitalization of community often relies on more than simply affordable housing. 

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Traversing Forward with The Open Gate

The WHEDA Foundation Housing Grant program, launched in 1985, sought to extend WHEDA’s housing mission even further...

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Action towards Accessibility at Twin Oaks Shelter

Beginning in the early 2000s, many residents of Darien, a small town in Walworth county, found themselves in an increasingly difficult economic situation...

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Trinity Pines and WHEDA

Playing their weekly game of 500 rummy, a group of residents sit around the table exchanging stories, engaging in conversation, and enjoying one another’s company in the community space...          

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A Dream Fulfilled: The New Bronzeville

Cut through, but not forgotten, the citizens of Bronzeville found themselves severed by the construction of two Milwaukee highways which paved through the center of their community...

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Securing a HOME for Wisconsin Living

The health of the Wisconsin housing market relies on finding new opportunities in the form of first-time home buyers...

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Accessing Capital to Break Down Barriers

Over the years, WHEDA has adapted to the changing needs of home buyers. As a result, it continues to be a great choice for first-time home buyers...

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Wisconsin experienced one of the most severe droughts in the state’s recorded history in 1988. All 72 Wisconsin counties were inspected and declared drought disaster areas...

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WHEDA From Its First Seeds

As WHEDA has breathed life into Wisconsin communities, to ignore WHEDA’s own conception as an institution in 1972 would be a gross denial of its incredible history. Beginning as WHFA, or the Wisconsin Housing Finance Authority...

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