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Asset Management (Financed Multifamily Properties Servicing) Forms

Rev Date Form Purpose Use When
5/23 WHEDA Financial Statement Requirements Provides guidance on WHEDA’s financial statement preparation, surplus cash calculation and submission requirements. Preparing financial statements.
10/22 Standardized Financials Template Required to be provided by each WHEDA financed property annually. Completing a property’s balance sheet and income statement.
10/22 Disbursement of Funds Policy Policy document that covers WHEDA’s Replacement Reserve Disbursements. When requesting release of funds from Replacement Reserve Escrow Account.
5/15 Form 500 - Instructions Step by step instructions for completing the Form 500 online. When requesting releases of funds from the reserve account electronically.
10/14 Form 500 - Reserve Disbursement Request To request funds from reserves. Owner/Agent requests reserve funds.
11/16 Form 700 Capital Expenditures Budget and Instructions Show planned capital expenditures. Submitted by Owner/Agent 30 days prior to beginning of FY.
8/14 WHEDA Multifamily New or Revised Authorization Agreement for Automatic Credits Automated Clearing House (ACH) Transfer Authorizes WHEDA to deposit or withdraw money from authorized accounts. New loans are closed and any of the following changes: management agent, authorized signatory or bank information.
10/17 WHEDA Assignment of Management Agreement Legal document for assigning management agreement rights to WHEDA. Ownership assigns management agreement rights to WHEDA.
1/10 Amendment to Management Agreement To notify WHEDA of the intent to change the management fee. Owner/Agent proposes a management fee change. 
9/00 Development Contact List Provide WHEDA with updated contact information. Submitted by Owner/Agents when contacts change or for new loans.
9/00 Management Entity Profile Customer information. As needed.