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Trinity Pines-001

Trinity Pines and WHEDA

Playing their weekly game of 500 rummy, a group of residents sit around the table exchanging stories, engaging in conversation, and enjoying one another’s company in the community space. In the Trinity Pines, this sort of engagement is what one might expect to see on any given day.

A retirement center in Lake Mills, Trinity Pines is a multifamily facility dedicated to senior citizens who still yearn for the independent freedoms of life while hoping to maintain a sense of community. The facility, whose conception started with the Trinity Lutheran Church, has had a long history in providing affordable housing for its residents. Beginning as early as 1985, WHEDA has had an active involvement in the facility’s development. In 1988, the construction of the project was officially launched with the allocation of approximately $2.4 million of WHEDA financing. Before construction was even complete, over half of the building’s 41 units were leased and reserved, and continual interest in the facility has kept its mission alive ever since.

The facility provided accommodations to its residents in the form of nutritional meals, at least one per day to ensure its residents remain healthy and strong. Since that time, Trinity Pines has offered a significantly more varied repertoire in terms of its program engagement. Weekly shopping trips, live music, and consistent new events keep its residents engaged with one another, fostering a continually caring community.

Trinity Pine’s continual enhancements exemplify its dedication to maintaining its original mission. WHEDA’s involvement with the center has been a mantelpiece of pride in providing housing for all populations of Wisconsin, and its decision to provide housing opportunities plants hope in even the most skeptical of residents.