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Reporting & Schedule

The following reports and fees must be submitted on the specified due dates for the remainder of the compliance period. A $10 per unit fee will be assessed for documentation not submitted by the specified due date. Please refer to the compliance manual for complete requirements.

Reporting Schedule for All Tax Credit Properties

 Report or Fee Due Date       
 Owner’s Certificate of Continuing Compliance (AHTC Form 100) January 31, 2022 
 Unit Status Report (Procorem) January 31,2022
Annual Compliance Monitoring Fee  March 15, 2022 
 Utility Allowance Form 205 A&B and all applicable documentation - on properties using local utility, Energy Consumption, or HUD model 90 days prior to effective date


Reporting Schedule for All WHEDA Financed Properties

Report or Fee  Due Date      
Annual Financial Statements: audited, reviewed or company prepared

Please refer to WHEDA’s Financial Statement Requirements
Within 60 days after the end of each fiscal year
Quarterly profit and loss, balance sheet and rent rolls* Within 30 days of quarter-end
Capital Budgets  30 days before the start of the Fiscal Year
Quarterly Occupancy

Please refer to WHEDA's Quarterly Occupancy Instructions
Within 15 days of quarter-end.

*Quarterly profit and loss, balance sheet and rent rolls are required for all WHEDA financed developments until the submission of their first audit/review and for some projects, as notified by a Portfolio Risk Officer


Reporting Schedule for All TCAP & Exchange Funded Properties

Please refer to WHEDA’s Financial Statement Requirements