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Community and Economic Development

Who We Are

At WHEDA, our mission is to stimulate Wisconsin’s economy and improve the quality of life for all residents through affordable housing and business financing products. WHEDA's Community and Economic Development team is WHEDA's local presence throughout the entire state. CED ensures that we are living out WHEDA’s mission by serving as ambassadors, conveners, and collaborators across our 72-counties and 11 Tribal Nations. Our team partners with stakeholders throughout Wisconsin's counties, municipalities, economic development partners, lenders, and communities to share information about WHEDA's programs, housing, and economic development efforts.

Lenders can find out more information about WHEDA's Small Business Guarantees, and complete an intake form online below. 


WHEDA's Community and Economic Development team builds capacity throughout Wisconsin’s 72-counties by collective impact that improves physical Physical capital: Develop and deploy initiatives, products, prototypes, and pilots that leverage resources and build finance models for producing affordable housing or promoting economic development. , social Social capital: Build and deepen existing relationships and shared experience networks through facilitation across and within local stakeholders, the public and private sector, and other relevant contacts. , intellectual Intellectual capital: Instigate collective learning through the experiences and lessons learned and shared across communities. Support the publication and distribution of information for the benefit of communities throughout Wisconsin. , and human capital Human capital: Build capacity across local leaders, community members, as well as public and private stakeholders. Utilize our networks to ensure our collective ability to address statewide challenges around housing and economic development and internally share observations, experiences, and feedback to aid in WHEDA’s ability to create lasting and sustainable solutions. .


Learn more about WHEDA's Rural Affordable Workforce Housing Initiative


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Community and Economic Development Team


Director of Community & Economic Development


Erica Steele
Strategic Market & Tribal Liaison




Ron Slade
CED Program Coordinator



Jesse Greenlee
Manager – Emerging Business Program



Southwest Region

Rebecca Giroux
Community & Economic Development Officer


Northwest Region

Mai Xiong
Community & Economic Development Officer



Northeast Region

Jon Searles
Community & Economic Development Officer


Southern Region

Jeff Towne
Community & Economic Development Officer



Southeast Region

Maria Watts
Community & Economic Development Officer




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