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Business Lending Financing Products

WHEDA offers many tools to help Wisconsin businesses grow and thrive! If these financing options look like a good fit, contact a Community and Economic Development Officer in your area to learn more. 

Small Business Loan Guarantees

WHEDA small business loan guarantees help reduce the financial risk to small business lenders and ensure that qualified Wisconsin small businesses have access to funding. 

Agriculture Loan Guarantees

Farms and agricultural businesses play a major role in our state’s economy and continued growth. Since 1985, WHEDA has supported agricultural based businesses through its loan guarantee products.

Transform Milwaukee

In an effort to spur greater economic development activity in Wisconsin’s largest city, the Transform Milwaukee Guarantee offers a no-fee business guarantee product for qualified small and medium sized businesses.

Participation Lending Program

The Participation Lending Program pairs WHEDA with community lenders, banks, credit unions, community development institutions and other entities that provide commercial loans to Wisconsin businesses.