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HouseKey 1

HouseKey Wisconsin Program

In September 2001, WHEDA launched HouseKey Wisconsin, an online tool for customers to begin the home loan process. The Authority became the first housing finance authority (HFA) in the nation to offer such a service. On the day that HouseKey launched, Louise of Spring Green was researching the mortgage pre-approval process online when she came across the newly launched service; she had no idea that she was about to become HouseKey’s first customer. By the end of October which was just weeks after her initial discovery, Louise used HouseKey to get pre-approved for a mortgage and went on to buy and move into her bungalow.

In the year following its launch, more than 3,900 prospective borrowers used HouseKey, with 600 plus users securing mortgage pre-approval certificates to fulfill their goal of homeownership, just like Louise.

If you are looking to begin the homebuying journey, please visit our Six Steps to a WHEDA Loan webpage to find a lender.