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Forms, Manuals, and Resources

Access all the forms, product manuals, and helpful resources necessary to work with WHEDA.

Procorem Reference Materials

InformationLearn how to access and navigate this new customer portal.

Introduction to Procorem

Navigating Procorem

Delegated Administrator Agreement

BINs & Addresses by HFA Number

Common Fixes for Tenant Submissions

Frequently Asked Questions

Multifamily Financing

Financing Forms

Housing Tax Credits (HTC) Forms

HTC Compliance/Monitoring Manual

HTC Forms

Asset Management

Asset Management Forms

Asset Management Manuals


HUD Section 8 Contract Administration

HUD Section 8 Contract Administration Forms

Single Family Mortgage - Loan Origination

Each product's specific forms and manuals can be found on theĀ Products page.



Construction Signs for WHEDA Financed/Funded Projects

Every project that uses WHEDA financing or funding should display a construction sign. Download the appropriate sign, along with the sign specifications.

All signs are 48” x 60” and are available in both Adobe Illustrator File (.ai) or Vector Based Image (.eps).


Economic Development (ED)

Multifamily (MF)

Transform Milwaukee Initiative (TMI)

Housing Tax Credits (HTC)

New Market Tax Credits (NMTC)