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Lindsay Heights 1

Lindsay Heights

Before freeways replaced houses, and the unrest of the 1960s drove residents and businesses out of Lindsay Heights, the 30-block area on the north side of Milwaukee, named after community activist Bernice Lindsay, was a thriving working-class neighborhood. After 30 years of blight and deterioration, the vision to restore the century-old neighborhood to its original beauty began to take shape. The vision included building new, high-quality manufactured homes on vacant lots that reflected the classic Milwaukee home style; while also restoring existing, older homes; cleaning up neighborhoods; and improving the quality of life for residents.

WHEDA, along with the city of Milwaukee, private industry, non-profits, and the local residents worked together to bring Lindsay Heights back to its former vitality. By 2005, WHEDA funded 100 mortgage loans totaling $13 million. With community support, 165 new houses were built, and 350 existing buildings were renovated, demonstrating neighborhood revitalization in Milwaukee’s central city was possible and proven successful.