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Realizing Homeownership at Any Age

In 2016, Fort Atkinson welcomed a couple that was scouring the market for their new home. Happily married, looking to buy a house, and hoping to invest in their future, the couple entered the single family housing market after years of apartment living. They represent a unique demographic of home buyers, a demographic with a seasoned history. Richard, age 89, and his wife Annette, 78, experienced significant difficulty in their hunt for a new home. A veteran of the US Naval Air Force, Richard found that the standard VA loans and fees did not allow for an affordable housing option. It appeared that their dream of home ownership would be nothing more than a fantasy until they discovered the WHEDA Veteran’s Affordable Loan Opportunity Rate (VALOR) program.

WHEDA's VALOR program, originally introduced in 2015, offered the couple a mortgage with reduced funding fees and a low interest rate, allowing their dream of home ownership to become reality. Upon moving into their new home, Richard and Annette sought to combat the sedentary lifestyle of their former senior apartments and create an investment in their future.

When we die, the house will be passed on to our two daughters. We knew we’d be happier in a home that was our very own, and we found it. We say daily to one another that this was a good idea.

Though they may not represent the traditional Wisconsin home buyer, the couple demonstrates the tenacity of home buyers everywhere, hoping to achieve what sometimes seems impossible. Richard and Annette showed that chasing dreams, and searching for a home, is not exclusive to people of any age or circumstance. They set an example of dedication to one’s dreams and one’s community, a parallel to WHEDA’s own mission in serving Wisconsin communities.

Through programs like VALOR, WHEDA demonstrates its commitment to serving Wisconsin families, especially those who have dedicated their lives to serving their own country and communities. WHEDA certainly bids the happy couple the best of luck with their new home.