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2022 Updates
2021 Updates
2020 Updates
2019 Updates
2018 Updates
2017 Updates
2022.4 New Conventional Area Median Income (AMI) Limits,
Staff Roster
2022.3 New Total Household Compliance Income and Purchase Price Limits, New Capital Access Income and Purchase Price Limits
2022.2 Minimum Volume Requirement Change for 2022, Changes beginning with 2023 Lender Recertification
2022.1 WHEDA responds to FNMA Selling Guide Update SEL-2022-01, WHEDA responds to FNMA Lender Letter LL 2021-03
2021.13 Fannie Mae Announces NEW Free Home Buyer Education Option, WHEDA Single Family Employee Promotion
2021.12 Conventional Eligibility Matrix Updated: Clarifying LTV limitations on Homestyle Renovation loans, New Conventional and FHA Loan Limits
2021.11 Annual Real Estate Taxes, Staffing Update
2021.10 Taxpayer First Act Compliance Requirement Change
2021.09 WHEDA Advantage Conventional Update
2021.08 COVID-19 Guidance Flexibilities Continued, WHEDA Advantage Conventional Update
2021.07 Changes to the Advantage Conventional HomeStyle® Renovation, Program begin July 1, 2021 (Updated guidelines, Updated required training, Updated resources, forms and manuals)
2021.06 New Capital Access Income Limits, FHA Updates - Student Loans and Citizenship, Staff Roster
2021.05 New Conventional Area Median Income (AMI) Limits, Staff Roster
2021.04 Changes to the Advantage Conventional HomeStyle® Renovation guidelines, Updated required training for the Advantage Conventional HomeStyle® Renovation program, Revised Home Improvement Loan Program (HILP) coming July 1, 2021 - Become an approved HILP lender now!
2021.03 New Purchase Price and Income Limits - corrected link, Staff Roster
2021.02 Desktop Underwriter® (DU®) and Desktop Originator® (DO®), April 30 deadline for legacy URLA loan submissions, Uniform Closing Dataset, Funding Requests, Staff Roster
2021.01 COVID-19 Guidance Flexibilities Continued, FHA - Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, Staff Changes and updated Staff Roster
2020.17 New Conventional and FHA Loan Limits, COVID-19 Guidance Flexibilities Continued, URLA Implementation, Home Buyer Education Requirements
2020.16 Clarification on Direct Endorsement (DE) Lenders submitting FHA loans in the Mini-Correspondent Channel; reminder of payment of annual real estate taxes; IRS tax transcripts and the expiration of flexibility; COVID-19 guidance flexibilities continued; staff roster and important numbers
2020.15 Annual Real Estate Taxes; Reminder for IRS Tax Transcripts - Expiration of Flexibility; New IRS Form 4506-C; COVID-19 Guidance Extensions for Conventional Loans; Staff Roster and Important Numbers
2020.14 IRS Tax Transcripts Flexibility; COVID Guidance Extensions for Conventional Loans; Reminder Post-Closing Outstanding Document Fees and Resume; Staff Roster and Important Numbers
2020.13 Changes to the Home Buyer Education Requirements; COVID Guidance Flexibilities Continued; Judgment Clarification for all WHEDA Programs; Staff Roster & Important Numbers 
2020.12 WHEDA to WHEDA Refinances; IRS Transcripts; Post-Closing Outstanding Document Report Fees; COVID Related Guidance Reminder; Staff Roster & Important Numbers
2020.11 Increase to the Easy Close Maximum Loan Amount; Compliance Income Evaluation Requets; Resources - Staff Roster & Important Numbers
2020.10 New Capital Access Income Limits; Summary of Income and Purchase Price Limit Changes; Requirement for Original Notes
2020.09 Conventional - New AMI Limits & COVID-19 Guidance; Attestation of Income and Understanding of Forbearance; Clarification of Documents Required; Resources
2020.08 COVID-19 Guidance; Attestation of Income and Understanding of Forbearance; Resources
2020.07 New Purchase Price and Income Limits
2020.06 Attestation of Income and Understanding of Forbearance; WHEDA Advantage Conventional - COVID-19 Guidance; Changes to Capital Access DPA Purchase Price Limits; Staff Resources/Roster
2020.05 Discontinuation of HFA Risk Sharing; March 31 revisions to FNMA Lender letters
2020.04 WHEDA Advantage Conventional COVID-19 Guidance; Tax Transcripts; Resources - Staff Roster and Important Numbers
2020.03 WHEDA Advantage Conventional COVID-19 Guidance; Post Closing Outstanding Document Report - Fees; Resources - Staff Roster and Important Numbers
2020.02 FHA Updates
2020.01 Rural Closing Cost Credit - Discontinued! 
2019.15Lender Update 2019-15 Rural Closing Cost Credit: Extended and New Income Limits!
2019.14Taxpayer First Act Compliance Requirements; FHA HRAP Approved Condominium Process - Form Correction! 
2019.13Annual Real Estate Tax Disclosure on CD for Loans Closing Dec 1, 2019 and After; Conventional Program Changes per Fannie Mae Selling Guide Update 2019-08; FHA Updates and Changes
2019.12Important Lender Update on Security Incident
2019.11 WHEDA Advantage Conventional Updates; Updated Resources
2019.10WHEDA Advantage Conventional Updates; New Application Package Checklist and Closing Package Checklist; Updated Resources
2019.09Closing Cost Credits
2019.08WHEDA Advantage FHA & WHEDA DPA Programs; New Capital Access Income and Purchase Price Limits; Revised Staff Roster
2019.07New Income & Purchase Price Limits 
2019.06FHA Update; Conventional Update
2019.05Changes to Capital Access DPA Income and Purchase Price Limits
2019.04New Purchase Price Limits; Advantage Conventional Update; Advantage FHA Update; Revised Staff Roster
2019.03HomeStyle® Renovation; New Net-Worth Requirements for WHEDA Approved Lenders; Mini-Correspondent Channel
2019.02Advantage Conventional Underwriting Guide Updates; Advantage FHA Underwriting Guide Updates; Down Payment Assistance Clarification; New Advantage FHA Matrix. 
2019.01Advantage Conventional HomeStyle® Renovation Loan Originator Certification Requirements; Tax Transcripts.
2018.17WHEDA Advantage FHA minimum credit score; New Conventional and FHA Loan Limits; Tax Transcripts during government shutdown
2018.16Annual Real Estate Taxes; Principal Reductions and New Funding Request; Rental Income from other Real Estate Owned; Uniform Closing Dataset (UCD)
2018.15Up to $1250 Closing Cost Credit for Distressed Properties!
2018.14Introducing the latest addition to WHEDA’s Advantage Conventional Program - HomeStyle® Renovation
2018.13 Conventional Updates; HBE Clarification
2018.12WHEDA Conventional Updates; WHEDA Easy Close Updates
2018.11Form Updates
2018.10Changes to Capital Access
2018.9WHEDA Advantage Conventional Updates; Policy and Procedure Update; Updated Single Family Roster
2018.8WHEDA Advantage New Income Limits; Tips & Tricks
2018.7 WHEDA Advantage Conventional Updates; Forms Update; Tips & Tricks
2018.6 WHEDA Advantage Conventional Updates; Tips & Tricks
2018.5Capital Access Advantage Down Payment Assistance
2018.4 WHEDA Advantage Conventional Updates
2018.3 Policy and Procedure Updates; Preapproval Certificates Now Available; Updated Single Family Staff Roster
2018.2WHEDA Advantage Conventional Updates
2018.1WHEDA-Connect Changes; Coming Soon
2017.33WHEDA Tax Advantage is Back!
2017.32New Conventional and FHA Loan Limits
2017.315 WHEDA $1500 Closing Cost Credits remain with extended closing date
2017.30WHEDA Tax Advantage – Mortgage Credit Certificates (MCC)
2017.29DACA - Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals
2017.28WHEDA $1500 Closing Cost Credit – Only 15 credits remaining
2017.274% Interested Party Contributions (IPC) Update; Repair/Improvement Escrow  - Rolling Repairs into the Loan - suspended 
2017.26Frozen Credit Reports; Previous WHEDA Foreclosure, Deed-in-Lieu or Short Sale
2017.25WHEDA Connect
2017.242017 Annual Real Estate Taxes and Submission of Closing and Trailing Documents
2017.23Closing Cost Credit Offer Extended
2017.22Uniform Closing Dataset; Conventional and FHA Closing Package Checklist Revisions
2017.21Conventional Debt-to-Income Radio Update; Conventional Guide Updates
2017.20Early Registration and Hotel Room Discount for Wisconsin Homeownership Conference Ends September 3rd
2017.19Uniform Closing Cost Dataset .XML File Required for Conventional; FHA Settlement Certification Form; Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS) Requirements
2017.18 New Track of Topics and Speakers Added to Wisconsin Homeownership Conference
2017.17Uniform Closing Dataset (UCD) is Coming September 25, 2017
2017.16Coming Soon: WHEDA Single Family Homeownership Conference 2017
2017.15Accepting Reservation Requests Beginning Monday, July 3rd for the WHEDA Closing Cost Credit up to $1,500
2017.14Revised Policy for Trailing Documents; Correction: Closing Interest on First Mortgage and Easy Close Loan; FTHB and VALOR Loans Combined Pricing; Revised Hazard Insurance Maximum Deductible
2017.13Updated Capital Access Income and Purchase Price Limits
2017.12Closing Cost Credit
2017.11New Income Limits; Closing Interest on the First Mortgage and Easy Close Loans
2017.10Valor Program, Conventional Guide Updates, Changing the Information of a Locked Loan 
2017.09Single Family Announces Staffing, Departmental, and Procedural Changes 

Conventional Product Matrix Updated

  2017.07 New 2017 Income and Purchase Price Limits
2017.06 Know the Key Differences Between Capital Access and Easy Close Down Payment Assistance (DPA)
2017.05Easy Close Payment Due Date Change; Underwriting Guide Updates; more
2017.04New Program - Capital Access Advantage
2017.03Capital Access Advantage - Down Payment Assistance
2017.02Happy Retirement to Cindy Jenson
2017.012017 Loan Limits Increase