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Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP)

The Qualified Allocation Plan is a system for scoring the impact of a housing project on Wisconsin residents.

Objectives of the Qualified Allocation Plan

  1. Increase the quantity of safe, quality, affordable rental housing throughout Wisconsin
  2. Preservation of existing affordable rental housing throughout Wisconsin
  3. Support State of Wisconsin job creation goals and increase the quantity of affordable workforce housing near employment centers
  4. Increase the availability of housing with supportive services, including veterans
  5. Increase the availability of housing that serves those with very low incomes (at or below 50% county median incomes)
  6. Support community-initiated and neighborhood-supported affordable housing plans
  7. Support the housing goals and objectives stated in the State of Wisconsin 2010-14 Consolidated Plan: Support the housing goals and objectives stated in the Plan to End Homelessness in Wisconsin, July 2007:

Wisconsin's Qualified Allocation Plans are prepared in accordance with Section a2(m)(l)(A)(i) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 and approved unanimously by the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA) Board. Plans are based upon Congressional mandates and Wisconsin's housing needs. The intent for this Plan is to provide as many quality affordable housing opportunities as possible. WHEDA will administer the state's Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program. WHEDA and the multifamily housing development community have produced over 50,000 units of affordable rental housing for families and elderly households since 1987. The credits available under the Plan will produce and preserve high quality affordable rental units. Working together, we can ensure all citizens of Wisconsin safe, decent and affordable housing.

Current Program Year QAP

Download 2019-2020 QAP

Proposed Changes to the QAP

As part of our continuing efforts to expand access to affordable housing and economic opportunity, WHEDA has been working with stakeholders to develop proposed changes that make our allocation of federal and state tax credits as effective as possible. We’ve now compiled these proposed changes into a draft Qualified Allocation Plan.

View Proposed Major Changes to the QAP

View 2021-2022 QAP Draft