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Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP)

The Qualified Allocation Plan is a system for scoring the impact of a housing project on Wisconsin residents.

For the most up to date version of QAP, visit the Allocating page.

Objectives of the Qualified Allocation Plan

WHEDA will execute the following objectives in a transparent and responsible manner:

Core Pillars Objectives
Increase supply of affordable housing
  • Housing for very-low income families and seniors
  • Housing with services, including those experiencing homelessness and veterans
Employ place-based strategies
  • Coordinate housing development with housing and community development plans
  • Encourage and increase supply of affordable housing in high housing need areas including rural and high growth areas
  • Incentivize the delivery of affordable housing which meets the life cycle needs and priorities of the communities
Seek innovative ways to leverage capital
  • Collaborate with foundations, employers, industry leaders and other key stakeholders to find new opportunities for leverage
  • Build capital stacks which reflect local, state and federal funding opportunities
Increase economic opportunity
  • Encourage homeownership and equity building
  • Increase tenant stabilization through integrated resident services and property management
  • Cultivate local ecosystem of affordable housing practitioners
  • Encourage high quality supportive services, design, partnerships and outcomes

Wisconsin's Qualified Allocation Plans are prepared in accordance with Section a2(m)(l)(A)(i) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 and approved unanimously by the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA) Board. Plans are based upon Congressional mandates and Wisconsin's housing needs. The intent for this Plan is to provide as many quality affordable housing opportunities as possible. WHEDA will administer the state's Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program. WHEDA and the multifamily housing development community have produced over 50,000 units of affordable rental housing for families and elderly households since 1987. The credits available under the Plan will produce and preserve high quality affordable rental units. Working together, we can ensure all citizens of Wisconsin safe, decent and affordable housing.