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  • Mortgage Lending - Getting Started

    For over 40 years, WHEDA has helped more than 118,000 home buyers in Wisconsin realize their dreams. We achieve this with unique mortgage products designed to expand what's possible for our partners and the families they serve.

    Features and Benefits:

    • Multiple loan options including Conventional, No Mortgage Insurance (MI) and FHA products
    • Preferred interest rate option for eligible first-time home buyers
    • Exclusive Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) program for eligible borrowers
    • No loan-level price adjustments
    • Down payment and closing cost assistance (DPA) loans
    • No borrower minimum investment required – gifts, grants, and DPA loans are accepted
    • Reduced MI costs n Multiple channel options available including Broker, Correspondent and Mini-Corr
    • Quick turnaround times for rate locks, underwriting and loan funding
    • Manual underwriting available
    • Live lender support from WHEDA’s origination team
    • Local loan servicing by a non-retail competitor

    We work every day to make our advantage your advantage – the WHEDA Advantage. Certain program restrictions and eligibility requirements apply.

    Getting Started with WHEDA

    Lender Training

    Lender Updates

    • 2017 Updates
    • 2016 Updates
    • 2015 Updates
    • 2014 Updates
    2017 Updates

    Conventional Product Matrix Updated

     2017.07 New 2017 Income and Purchase Price Limits
    2017.06 Know the Key Differences Between Capital Access and Easy Close Down Payment Assistance (DPA)
    2017.05Easy Close Payment Due Date Change; Underwriting Guide Updates; more
    2017.04New Program - Capital Access Advantage
    2017.03Capital Access Advantage - Down Payment Assistance
    2017.02Happy Retirement to Cindy Jenson
    2017.012017 Loan Limits Increase
    2016 Updates
    2016.14 Wisconsin Mortgage Form 3050
    2016.13Conventional and FHA overlay Grid Revisions; New WI Security Agreement; Conventional Loan Limit changes; WHEDA Form revisions
    2016.13Submission of Post Closing Trailing Documents
    2016.12Home Improvement Advantage
    2016.11Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) Program Updates; MCC Forms and Exhibits 
    2016.102016 Household Income and Purchase Price/Loan Limit; Conventional Guide & Matrix Updates
    2016.9Policy & Procedure Manual Update 
    2016.8TRID - Common Findings
    2016.7WHEDA-Connect Guide Updated
    2016.6 Revised Income Limits for all WHEDA Programs - Effective June 10, 2016
    2016.5WHEDA Madison Office Temporary Closing 
    2016.4Conventional Program Updates; Easy Close Update; FHA Program Updates; Coming Soon
    2016.3Loan Funding Change 
    2016.2WHEDA’s New Website; WHEDA 2016 Home Ownership Conference
    2016.12015 Year in Review                
    2015 Updates
    2015.16Happy Retirement to Gene Weittenhiller 
    2015.15WHEDA Fee changes and additions for 2016
    2015.14New Program for Veterans - Veterans Affordable Loan Opportunity Rate (VALOR)
    2015.13TRID Guidance; Easy Close Forms; Affiliated Business Disclosure
    2015.12Important Changes to the Conventional and FHA Home Buyer Education (HBE) Requirements; New Account Executive
    2015.11Easy Close Revisions
    2015.10FHA Advantage Guide, Product Matrix and Overlay Grid Updated
    2015.09WHEDA-Connect Updates 
    2015.08WHEDA-Connect Updates; Policies and Procedures Manual Updates
    2015.07A Fond Farewell to Arlene Scalzo
    2015.06Revised Income and Purchase Price Limits
    2015.05Conventional and FHA Overlay Grids
    2015.04Revised Income Limits
    2015.03 WHEDA-Connect Quick Reference Guide, Webinars
    2015.02Easy Close Advantage Interest Rate Change
    2015.01 WHEDA-Connect Portal, Delegated Administrator (DA) Agreement,training


    2014 Updates
    2014.06Preferred Interest Rates for First-Time Home Buyers, New Easy Close Interest Rate, New Guide, Matrix and Overlay Grid, Revised Forms
    2014.05New Single Family Director, Revised Home Improvement Income Limits, Appraiser Independence Requirements, UAD Appraisal Requirements, Forms Revisions, WHEDA Goes Paperless
    2014.04Revised Income Limits, Policies and Procedures Manual Revisions, Loan Application Submission, Consumer Debt Management Services, Forms Revisions
    2014.03Introducing the Mini-Corr Channel, Channel-Specific Price Grids, the new Manual and WHEDA's 2014 roadmap for modernization, including the forthcoming implementation of an online portal for rate locks, pipeline management and electronic data and document delivery. Also, higher income limits for 50 of the state's 72 counties are announced
    2014.02Revised Income Limits, Homebuyer Counseling Agency referrals, Borrower’s right to receive an appraisal, Tax Advantage (MCC) Targeted Area Maps
    2014.01WHEDA Loans Exempt Under ATR/QM, Targeted Areas Changing
     A Lender/PartnerBriefing: 2014 in a Blink