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Ideation Session Summary

October and November 2021


The Ideation Sessions, held October 11-13th, kicked off the idea generation phase of the pilot design process. The purpose of the two-day event was to start the work of creating lots of ideas, from which the Marinette Pilot Design Team could distill and develop into tangible concepts.

Day 1 of the event was an opportunity for the Team to reflect on learnings from the focus groups held during the Research and Engagement phase, and to prioritize which key insights to build upon during the public brainstorming session. Day 2 of the event consisted of a series of brainstorming breakouts with local employers, developers, community members, and affordable housing experts. The day's sessions yielded a wealth of ideas and insights, from which the Team prioritized a selection of ideas to build into tangible concepts.

Building ideas into concepts

With over a hundred ideas shared during the public brainstorming session, the Team organized the ideas into clusters. They then selected which idea clusters would go on to be developed into concepts that could be prototyped and tested. This resulted in the following idea clusters:

A Singular Point of Contact

This idea cluster included strategies revolving around how to address community storytelling in Marinette County while identifying tools and resources that democratize information for developers and community members. This cluster emphasized the role of a central point of contact, speaking to the idea of a neutral entity to deliver trustworthy and timely information for community members, stakeholders, developers, and neighboring municipalities.

Community Engagement 2.0

This idea cluster included concepts on enhancing community engagement. The core elements of their plan of action began with awareness, building the narrative, making tangible benefits for community members, and maximizing interactions with new residents. The group's strategies stemmed from establishing amenities for the entire community, prioritizing strengthened political will, positive reinforcement of new development, and direct public and neighbor involvement. This cluster also noted the differing factors for municipalities, developers and community members while undergoing new engagement efforts.

Proactive Readiness & Repair

This idea cluster included ideas on proactive readiness and repair as part of the collective development toolkit. The members proposed an established catalog of shovel-ready projects and full packages ready for municipalities to use. The group prioritized more resource-rich, higher impact actionable plans that can be used by developers, as well as outlets for ongoing community input.

Next Steps

The Marinette Pilot Design Team will present its concepts to gather public feedback on December 9, 2021. This feedback is critical to helping further develop the concepts into potential pilots. 

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