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Marinette County

Marinette County is the second of three communities to participate in the rural affordable workforce housing pilot process. The Marinette County Pilot Design Team began the process on July 12th, 2021, with a target completion date in Winter / Spring 2022.

According to the Marinette County Housing Study, housing demand in the county is driven by these market dynamics:

  • Job growth for entry-level employees in manufacturing, health care and education has taken place along with a corresponding lack of new apartment construction
  • Lack of existing quality housing for Marinette’s workforce due to an aging housing stock
  • Demand for homes by second home buyers and retirees

Source: Marinette County Housing Study 2017 - 2018

Core Areas of Focus

The Marinette County Pilot Design Team identified a set of core focus areas to guide their work:

  • Market data – how municipalities and partners can better understand the process of development, to allow for Marinette County to be an attractive location for building affordable housing
  • Infrastructure, construction and aging housing stock - how public infrastructure, single-family, and multifamily homes can be built and/or renovated affordably for working households in Marinette County
  • NIMBY-ism - how to change what people think about affordable housing, so that they may see it as an asset to their community

Progress Summaries

Learn more about the pilot design process in Marinette County by reading the progress summaries below. This will be updated at the end of each phase of the pilot design process.

Upcoming Public Events

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Marinette County Project Timeline

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Pilot Communities Announced

October 20, 2020

Finalist communities are announced by WHEDA for the Rural Affordable Workforce Housing Pilot

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Pilot Kickoff

July 12-13th, 2021

The Marinette County Pilot Design Team is introduced, and begin organizing our work together and planning for our community-based research on the local workforce housing affordability challenge.

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Research Sprint

July – September 2021

The Marinett County Team conducts a series of engagement workshops with community stakeholders who are impact by and work closely to the local workforce housing challenge, informing our work as we gear up for generating ideas.

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Ideation Sessions

October 11-13th, 2021

A three-day workshop for the Marinette County Design Team to gather and reflect on our data, and make decisions which opportunities to pursue further on the second day, where we open the doors to host public brainstorming session with community members and other local stakeholders.

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Prototyping Sprint

October – December, 2021

Based on the ideas generated during the Ideation Sessions, the Marinette County Pilot Design Team begins developing tangible concepts, ultimately testing and prototyping a select few which demonstrate the greatest potential to be both feasible and sustainable

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Action Workshop

December 8-10th, 2021

The final workshop for the Marinette Design Team to prepare for the implementation phase. During Day 1, the Team will evaluate and prioritize concepts developed during the Prototyping Spring. On Day 2, the Team will share out to a wide audience of stakeholders and community members to solicit feedback and insights on our concepts

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Implementation Planning

December 2021 – Winter/Spring 2022

The Marinette Design Team begins developing a series of pilots, based on the concepts prioritized during the Action Workshop. The Team will continue to engage with practitioners, subject matter experts, and community members, in order to create a clear plan for the final pilot solutions.

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Marinette County Webinars

Title Date Video Presentation Deck
Rural Affordable Workforce Housing Pilot
Concept Feedback Session
December 9, 2021 Watch the Webinar View the PowerPoint Presentation