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Ideation Sessions and Prototyping Sprint Summary

February and March, 2021

The Ideation Sessions, held February 18th –19th, kicked off the idea generation phase of the pilot design process. The purpose for the two-day event was to start the work of creating lots of ideas, from which the Door County Pilot Design Team could distill and develop into tangible concepts.

Day 1 of the event was an opportunity for the Team to reflected on learnings from the focus groups held during the Research and Engagement phase, and to prioritize which key insights to build upon during the public brainstorming session.

Public Brainstorming Session

On the second day of the event, the Team hosted a series of brainstorming breakouts with local employers, developers, community members, and affordable housing experts. The day's sessions yielded a wealth of ideas and insights, from which the Team prioritized a selection of ideas to build into tangible concepts.

Building ideas into concepts

With this over a hundred ideas shared during the public brainstorming session, the Team organized the ideas into clusters. They then selected which idea clusters would go on to be developed into concepts that could be prototyped and tested. This resulted in the following idea clusters:

Financing Assistance: This idea cluster included ideas around how to address the negative side effects of the short-term rental dynamic in Door County, while finding ways to leverage the demand for home rentals in new ways which support the community. This cluster also spoke to ideas around down payment assistance and launching a fund for affordable housing.

Land Development: This idea cluster included concepts on infrastructure, including septic and water innovations, density bonuses, and other subsidies to improve land.

Building: This idea cluster included ideas on innovations in construction methods and housing delivery, as well as ideas around zoning and the review process.  

Engagement: This final idea cluster included ideas on increase engagement and support for affordable housing at the local level, such as ideas on creating a housing connector platform, a catalog of developable sites for developers and municipal staff, and novel ways for employees to invest in affordable housing, and a public engagement campaigns on housing equity to move the community to action.

Prototyping Sprint

With these ideas prioritized and assembled, the Team set out on a prototyping sprint to begin developing ideas into tangible concepts. During this six-week period, The Team will work in small groups to test multiple versions of their concepts, engaging a wide variety of community stakeholders to contribute feedback and insights on our early concepts. The work will lead up to the Action Workshops, taking place April 8th - 9th, where the Team will share out on the most promising concepts, get more feedback, and begin laying the groundwork for a series of pilots.

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