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WHEDA Administers New Loan Products to Increase Affordable Housing Options


Competitive application cycle closed on April 30th for Infrastructure Access,
Restore Main Street and Vacancy-to-Vitality.

The next application cycle opens in the fall of 2024.


Governor Evers has signed into law a Bipartisan Housing Legislation Package that will help expand access to safe, affordable housing for working families. WHEDA is administering four loan programs that will emerge from this housing legislation. The new products are critical to providing solutions to address the state’s housing crisis. Learn more about this $525 million investment in affordable housing here.

What Municipalities Need to Know about WHEDA’s New Loan Programs


WHEDA will administer the following four programs:

Infrastructure Access

Infrastructure Access Loan

Assembly Bill 264, now 2023 Wisconsin Act 14; amended by Assembly Bill 1075, now 2023 Wisconsin Act 209:   

Infrastructure Access competitive loan information

This competitive loan program allows a residential housing developer to apply for a loan to cover the costs of installing, replacing, upgrading, or improving public infrastructure related to workforce housing or senior housing. These costs are typically covered by the developer.

Restore Main Street Loan

Assembly Bill 265, now 2023 Wisconsin Act 15:  

Restore Main Street competitive loan information

This competitive loan program allows an owner of rental housing to apply for a loan to cover the costs to improve housing located on the second or third floors of an existing building with commercial space on the ground level.

Vacancy To Vitality

Vacancy-to-Vitality Loan Program

Assembly Bill 268, now 2023 Wisconsin Act 18:  

Vacancy-to-Vitality competitive loan information

This competitive loan program allows a developer to apply for a loan to help cover the cost of converting a vacant commercial building to workforce housing or senior housing.

Home Repair and Rehab

Home Repair and Rehab Loan (Home R&R Loan)

Assembly Bill 267, now 2023 Wisconsin Act 17:  

Learn more about the Home Repair and Rehab loan information

This loan program makes modifications to the Workforce Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program administered by WHEDA.


View our FAQ's or email us at home@wheda.com.


Learn how the first round of funding will create more than 300 units

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Legislative Updates

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