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Solicitations for Bids

The owners of proposed apartment or other buildings to be constructed, or existing buildings to be rehabilitated, may be participating in WHEDA’s Emerging Business and Workforce Development Program. As a result, the owners may solicit bids for the general construction work, or their general contractors, subcontractors or suppliers may solicit bids for portions of the work. As an accommodation to these parties, WHEDA provides information on this website for those who may be interested in bidding. All bids must be submitted directly to the owner, contractor, subcontractor or supplier who is soliciting bids. WHEDA will not accept bids.

WHEDA has not reviewed any of the bidding information posted on this website. WHEDA makes no representation as to the appropriateness or completeness of such information. All information has been provided to WHEDA for posting on this website by the person or company soliciting the respective bid. By accessing information through this website, you automatically release WHEDA from all claims and damages that you may suffer as a result of obtaining information through this website.

Submit solicitations for bid via email (.docx or .pdf) to:  RC.QA@wheda.com. Include the HTC project name and number in the email subject line. Please allow 3 business days for WHEDA to publish your Solicitation for Bids on this website.

Bid Due Date Project Type Project # Project Name City/Cities County/Counties
May 10th, 2024 HTC 3139 Cornerstone Village - Highland Milwaukee Milwaukee
April 29, 2024 HTC 3075 Harbor at State and Main Racine Racine