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A classroom dream becomes a reality for Que El-Amin 

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2005 with a graphic design degree, Que El-Amin began his career in residential real estate by co-founding Scott Crawford Inc. in 2007. 

Even with El-Amin’s longevity in the real estate industry, he did not formally learn about affordable housing until 2015-2016 when enrolled in the Associates in Commercial Real Estate (ACRE) Program. 

“I personally and professionally knew how housing is key for stability, so when I found out there was a way to assist in that effort and earn a living, I quickly started down that path,” said El-Amin. 

During the ACRE program, El-Amin and four of his classmates proposed the “Villard Commons” project to develop 43 affordable housing units on the corner of 37th and Villard in Milwaukee – the neighborhood El-Amin grew up in. Three years later, this classroom project was made a reality as it was completed in fall of 2020 and earned El-Amin’s his Housing Tax Credit deal. 

On top of El-Amin’s career with Scott Crawford, he also co-founded the Young Enterprising Society (YES). With a mission “to be an international epicenter for financially, politically and socially progressive individuals,” YES influences people to spread greater good to members within their communities.  

With El-Amin’s combination of careers in real estate and social advocacy, he offered a simple news headline he’d like to see in the future: “Wisconsin is the best place to live in the world!”