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Jean Thayer offers skilled affordable housing support

Jean Thayer of Lac Courte Oreilles (LCO) Housing Authority has provided housing assistance to those in Hayward for 23 years.

In 1998, Thayer started out at LCO Housing Authority in the tenant accounts receivable and compliance departmentFrom the startThayer recognized her passion for helping othersTo further develop her role at the Housing Authority, she attended classes at the LCO Ojibwe College. 

“I majored in business administration, business management and office management, attaining an Associate of Arts Degree in each one,” said Thayer. After furthering her education in 2001, she was hired as the assistant director at LCO Housing Authority and was later promoted to executive director in 2005.

Currently in her role at LCO Housing Authority, Thayer workclosely with WHEDA to rehabilitate affordable units. With help from WHEDA, “We have rehabbed 112 low-rent units, built 24 rent-to-own units, with another 24 planned for2021 - 2022 for a total of 160,” said Thayer.

In describing her vision for affordable housing, Thayer offered a future news headline she’d like to see: “The year is 2046. Wisconsin has ended homelessness!”