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Dedication to the development industry rewards Daniel Afable

Daniel Afable’s first steps into property development involved working as an assistant maintenance technician for a property management company. Since then, he has built his own business from the ground up. 

While working as a technician, Afable struggled to transition further into the development industry and positioning himself for success required some creative thinking.  

His breakthrough moment came when, “I offered to work for free for a Madison developer. There, I learned the ins and outs of development,” said Afable. The experience left him determined to expand on the opportunity. 

Although Afable did not have specific affordable housing experience, Jacob Klein of JT Klein Co., a family and senior affordable housing-focused company, hired Afable. The housing development industry is hard to enter, but Afable noted that Klein demonstrated a great example of “pushing the boundaries to allow emerging developers a chance to create projects.”  

Klein provided Afable with exceptional guidance and the collaboration continues to this day. Afable was able to establish DA Development where he still co-develops multiple projects with JT Klein.  

Afable emphasizes that strong partnerships are needed to address Wisconsin’s housing gap. 

“Developers, municipalities and WHEDA must continue to work together to overcome adversity facing affordable housing,” he said. “Not a single project can be completed without the help of a strong development team.”  

In describing his vision for affordable housing, Afable offered a future news headline he’d like to see: “Wisconsin’s Housing Gap Finally Closed."