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construction background drives Anthony Kazee’s projects 

Anthony Kazee of KG Development acquired an interest in ground-up and adaptive reuse construction as a child.  

“I can remember sitting next to my grandad and riding in his construction dump truck,” said Kazee. Over the years, his passion for construction developed as he noted, “I decided to study construction in high school and college and had the opportunity to work in the construction industry for seven years.” 

Kazee graduated in 2011 from Tuskegee University with a B.S. in construction science and management where he then worked for three different construction companies. In 2017, Kazee transitioned into commercial real estate and became a principal developer for KG Development after receiving his Rental Housing Development Finance Professional certification. He later graduated from the Associates in Commercial Real Estate (ACRE) program.  

KG Development has a strong mission to develop inclusive housing projects that address a variety of community needs. Kazee noted that the key to success in housing development projects is open communication with a mixture of local consultants and community agencies to ensure the needs of each community are met. 

“We must keep the conversation going and eventually we will create a path forward,” he said. 

In describing his vision for affordable housing, Kazee offered a future news headline he’d like to see: “Wisconsin becomes the national model for affordable and supportive housing and is accepted by every neighborhood community in Wisconsin.”