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Emergency Housing Vouchers

WHEDA is no longer accepting applications or referrals for the Emergency Housing Voucher program. WHEDA is also no longer accepting requests for service fee disbursements.

Anyone with a current Emergency Housing Voucher will either continue to receive assistance or can continue to look for housing until:

  • the Emergency Housing Voucher holder surrenders their voucher or assistance is terminated, or
  • the Emergency Housing Voucher expires without the family signing a lease

Unleased Emergency Housing Vouchers may be extended in 30-day increments at the request of the case managers working with the families. Extensions will only be granted at the request of the case managers.

Any initial Emergency Housing Voucher that is still unleased and searching as of June 30, 2024, will expire regardless of whether the Emergency Housing Voucher holder is still working with the case manager.


Emergency Housing Voucher Program Briefing Audio Link

IMPORTANT: This audio link is only intended for use by the COC case managers and SSOs to brief households who have been referred for the EHV program.

Please use the audio links below in conjunction with the EHV briefing pdf slides to get the full briefing experience if a computer is not available.

EHV Briefing Audio Link