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Additional State and Federal Housing Priorities


State Legislation

Federal Legislation

Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act Introduced with Strong Bipartisan Support 

The Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act (AHCIA), S.1557 and H.R. 3238, was introduced on Thursday, May 11, 2023, in both the House of Representatives and Senate with strong bipartisan support. As of May 16, 2023, the bill had 75 bipartisan co-sponsors in the House – 37 Democrats and 38 Republicans.  

WHEDA thanks Congresswoman Moore for her role as an original co-sponsor of the AHCIA. Our thanks also go to Congressman Pocan for joining the AHCIA in co-sponsorship. The unprecedented broad-reaching bipartisan support for the AHCIA reflects the urgent need for solutions to the nation’s affordable housing crisis.  

Wisconsin needs more than 120,000 rental units to meet the housing needs of its residents. The affordable housing crisis in Wisconsin reaches every corner of our state, from underdeveloped rural areas to blighted urban neighborhoods. As the sole administrators of housing tax credits in Wisconsin, the most successful tool in creating affordable housing, WHEDA is pleased to see lawmakers come together to support the AHCIA.  

The proposed housing credit expansion, if passed, could finance up to an additional 33,000 units across Wisconsin over the next 10 years, according to the ACTION Campaign. For more information on the AHCIA and how it would boost housing production in Wisconsin, navigate to our one-pager on the AHCIA. WHEDA encourages all members of our Wisconsin congressional delegation to support this worthwhile effort.