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A Holiday Carol with the Moore Family

As the leaves changed their colors, and cold nipped the air,
a new happy family paid no mind, nor did care.

Instead, with excitement, they purchased a tree;
placed in front of the window, where neighbors could see.

With their newly bought home, which was primped for the season,
they had pride in their lot, and for more than good reason.

When the neighbor, Ms. Fitten, came over to chat,
the Moores greeted her warmly at the drop of a hat.

This newly formed friendship among Lindsay Heights,
was result of a project which spanned many nights.

As the two families gathered to exchange their large presents,
they thought back to things that made life utmost pleasant.

In the late 1990’s, with a hope to improve,
the Lindsay Heights project was soon on the move.

Repainting houses, and opening doors,
building up walls, and installing the floors.

Launched by WHEDA to improve on its housing, 
the sound of the hammers was both haughty and rousing. 

With help from the city in purchasing lots,
once vacant sites were now beautiful spots.

With families arriving to fill up the houses,
young men and young women settled down with their spouses.

With home loan financing and low mortgage rates,
just one more expense was removed from their plates.

For the Moores and the Fittens, now door-to-door neighbors,
they sat round the tree with the fruits of their labors.

Thanks to WHEDA, and its homeowner’s mission,
the Lindsay Heights project could come to fruition.

So now any time on a cold, winter’s night,
families may sit in their house, snuggled tight.

From everyone at WHEDA, Happy Holidays!