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WHEDA supports hopes and dreams for equity, opportunity

June 08, 2020

In the days since the brutal, senseless death of George Floyd, our search for justice has revealed old scars, lasting wounds and systemic failures painfully inscribed as laws that have institutionalized oppression.  

We ask ourselves, was it only a dream that we had somehow made progress in overcoming centuries of disenfranchisement, divestment and discrimination that have devastated our African American communities and other communities of color?

Yet as our collective grief and rage spill into the streets, we must not allow our moment of despair to destroy others’ dreams. We all have a right to feel safe, appreciated, loved and protected. Moreover, the people, homes and businesses in our neighborhoods will play an important role in creating a brighter future. In demanding rightful justice, it is our obligation to protect and preserve our communities so that together we can build a more equitable, sustainable place for all of us to call home.

Through our work to expand affordable housing and economic opportunity, the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority drives systemic change and helps people and communities realize their hopes and dreams. Just as we value the right to stand up against injustice, we recognize that we need each other to reach our highest potential.

We believe that access to safe, affordable housing is a basic human right. And we recognize that owning a home or business expands the potential to build savings, put down roots and contribute to a cycle of community reinvestment that lifts others up. Our mission recognizes that community availability of capital, meaningful jobs and opportunities for saving are key to economic freedom and self-determination.    

While today we call for justice and reflect on root causes behind the agonizing death of George Floyd, I believe there is hope for a better future for children of color in communities throughout the state. In fact, I am optimistic about a more inclusive future for everyone. Continued innovation by WHEDA and its public and private partners is part of the answer. Part of the answer also lies in strengthening the voices of our most vulnerable community members through safe, affordable shelter, supportive services and meaningful employment.

We encourage the people of Wisconsin to take advantage of the resources offered by WHEDA and our state and federal partners. More information about these resources can be found here. We look forward to continuing the dialogue. Please reach out with your ideas and comments to To keep up with information about WHEDA resources and information, follow us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn or sign up to receive emails here


Joaquín Altoro, CEO


Contact: Jennifer Sereno, WHEDA Public Affairs, 608-770-8084,