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Transform Milwaukee Initiative

Transform Milwaukee began in April 2012 as a comprehensive, public-private initiative that leverages the City of Milwaukee’s workforce, industrial strengths and transportation assets to expand community investments, increase business development, boost job creation and strengthen neighborhoods.

WHEDA's Role in Transform Milwaukee

WHEDA has been and always will be committed to Milwaukee, as well as the state of Wisconsin.  Historically, WHEDA contributions to Milwaukee have been significant, totaling more than $2.5 billion over the past 45 years.

WHEDA understands that Wisconsin’s economic vitality is dependent upon a vibrant Milwaukee and has always recognized Milwaukee’s key role in Wisconsin’s economic well-being.  With its 45-year history and institutional knowledge, WHEDA has successfully supported Transform Milwaukee since its inception in 2012.

Transform Milwaukee Core Areas

Major Industrial Corridors

Transform Milwaukee focused on restoring economic vitality through public-private investments in the industrial corridors and surrounding neighborhoods connecting five major industrial cores:

WHEDA's Investment in Transform Milwaukee

Transform Milwaukee Infographic

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