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  • Mortgage Servicing Forms

    Form Purpose Use When

    Exhibit 2
    Non-Occupancy Letter 

    Sample of letter to notify borrowers of potential occupancy violations. The lender becomes aware the mortgagor is not occupying the property.

    SF 10.01
    Agreement for Servicer's Custodial Account and ADP Automatic (ACH) Debits

    Identifies the Bank and Account number from which payoffs and monthly receipts will be drawn. Submit to WHEDA only when you change a bank account.

    SF 10.08
    Special Analysis Worksheet

    Worksheet to track Soldier and Sailor loan information. Submit to WHEDA when a loan comes under the Soldier and Sailor Act.

    SF 10.12
    Loan Status Report

    Report that identifies the status of 60 day delinquent, foreclosure, and bankruptcy loans. The status of property inspections are also identified on this report. Submit to WHEDA by the 10th of the following month.

    SF 10.14
    Report of Trustee Payments

    Report that monitors the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Payments. Submit to WHEDA by the 10th of the following month.

    SF 10.15
    Remittance Differences

    Identifies difference in cash remittances and the monthly loan activity report. Submit to WHEDA when there is a difference.

    Lender Application of Servicers

    Self Recertification  Annually - Fiscal Year End