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  • FHA Product Forms & Exhibits

    Rev  Form  Purpose  Use When 
    12/12 Form 1a 
    Loan Registration Form 
    Request FHA Case # from WHEDA   Processing a WHEDA FHA Advantage loan as a Sponsored Originator 
    12/16 Form 2 
    Borrower's Affidavit 
    Disclosure of income for all household occupants for compliance with county income limit Submit with Application Package. Must be signed by all borrowers
    3/10 Form 3 
    Residential Loan Application Addendum 
    Verifies type of credit, used to comply with WI Marital Property Act Submit with Application Package. Must be signed by all borrowers


    Form 6
    Application Package Checklist 
    Checklist for lenders to ensure all forms and documents are submitted Submit to WHEDA for underwriting
    11/18 Form 7 
    Funding Request 
    Request funds for all loan products Submit 2 business days prior to the loan closing date
    11/11 Form 11 
    Gift Affidavit 
    Used if gift funds will be used as funds to close. Lender may use their own version of this form Submit with Application Package
    6/18 Form 12 
    Closing Package Checklist 
    Checklist for lender to ensure all forms and documents are submitted Submit with Closing Package
    8/11 Form 14 
    Condominium Insurance Warranty 
    To determine adequate insurance coverage for a condominium Submit with Application Package
    2/10 Form 16 
    Lender Changes 
    Informs WHEDA of changes or corrections in an institution’s name, contact person, address and telephone number Submit to WHEDA when notification is necessary
    6/15 Form 17 
    Authorization Agreement for ACH Transfers 
    Authorizes WHEDA to credit lender’s account via Automated Clearing House (ACH) Submit when becoming a participating lender or when changes to ACH accounts are needed
    3/16 Form 23 
    Automatic Payment Withdrawal Form 
    Authorizes WHEDA to debit borrower’s depository account for WHEDA loan payments Submit with Closing Package. Signed by borrower at closing
    2/10 Form 24 
    Compliance Income Calculation worksheet 
    Tool for lender to assist in determining Compliance Income As needed
    12/16 Form 29 
    Compliance Income Evaluation
    Tool for lender to receive a Compliance Income guaranty from WHEDA As needed
    5/14 Form 34 
    Lender Application 
    Application for becoming a WHEDA approved lender New lender application or annual recertification
    11/14 Form 34c 
    Originator Application 
    Application to submit FHA loan applications As needed
    5/10 Form 35 
    Certification of Zero Income 
    Affidavit that borrower has no income As needed
    8/11 Form 36 
    Affidavit of Identity of Interest 
    Used to document variances in borrower name Submit with Application Package
    3/19 Form 45
    Correspondent Pre-Delegated Review Request
    For use by New Correspondent Lenders to receive WHEDA certification on mortgage eligibility prior to receiving full delegated authority  Submit this form and required documentation after lender underwriter has reviewed the file, but prior to lender issuing an approval
    1/17 Exhibit 4 
    WHEDA Schedule of Fees 
    Breakdown of fees for various services As needed
    3/11 Exhibit 5 
    Confirmation of Receipt of Appraisal 
    Signed by borrower to verify receipt of appraisal Submit with the Closing Package
    8/11 Exhibit 6 
    Lender Certification for Individual Unit Financing 
    Lender certifying the condominium project is in compliance with FHA guidelines Use for any condominium financing.
    10/15 Exhibit 9 
    Finance Charges 
    Used to determine fees included in the APR calculation When preparing the truth in lending disclosure
    7/14 Exhibit 13
    Delegated Administrator (DA) Agreement 
    Used to authorize user for WHEDA-Connect  New lender application or change in Delegated Administrator