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  • FHA Product Forms & Exhibits

    Rev  Form  Purpose  Use When 
    12/12 Form 1a 
    Loan Registration Form 
    Request FHA Case # from WHEDA   Processing a WHEDA FHA Advantage loan as a Sponsored Originator 
    12/16 Form 2 
    Borrower's Affidavit 
    Disclosure of income for all household occupants for compliance with county income limit Submit with Application Package. Must be signed by all borrowers
    3/10 Form 3 
    Residential Loan Application Addendum 
    Verifies type of credit, used to comply with WI Marital Property Act Submit with Application Package. Must be signed by all borrowers


    Form 6
    Application Package Checklist 
    Checklist for lenders to ensure all forms and documents are submitted Submit to WHEDA for underwriting
    11/18 Form 7 
    Funding Request 
    Request funds for all loan products Submit 2 business days prior to the loan closing date
    11/11 Form 11 
    Gift Affidavit 
    Used if gift funds will be used as funds to close. Lender may use their own version of this form Submit with Application Package
    6/18 Form 12 
    Closing Package Checklist 
    Checklist for lender to ensure all forms and documents are submitted Submit with Closing Package
    8/11 Form 14 
    Condominium Insurance Warranty 
    To determine adequate insurance coverage for a condominium Submit with Application Package
    2/10 Form 16 
    Lender Changes 
    Informs WHEDA of changes or corrections in an institution’s name, contact person, address and telephone number Submit to WHEDA when notification is necessary
    6/15 Form 17 
    Authorization Agreement for ACH Transfers 
    Authorizes WHEDA to credit lender’s account via Automated Clearing House (ACH) Submit when becoming a participating lender or when changes to ACH accounts are needed
    3/16 Form 23 
    Automatic Payment Withdrawal Form 
    Authorizes WHEDA to debit borrower’s depository account for WHEDA loan payments Submit with Closing Package. Signed by borrower at closing
    2/10 Form 24 
    Compliance Income Calculation worksheet 
    Tool for lender to assist in determining Compliance Income As needed
    12/16 Form 29 
    Compliance Income Evaluation
    Tool for lender to receive a Compliance Income guaranty from WHEDA As needed
    5/14 Form 34 
    Lender Application 
    Application for becoming a WHEDA approved lender New lender application or annual recertification
    11/14 Form 34c 
    Originator Application 
    Application to submit FHA loan applications As needed
    5/10 Form 35 
    Certification of Zero Income 
    Affidavit that borrower has no income As needed
    8/11 Form 36 
    Affidavit of Identity of Interest 
    Used to document variances in borrower name Submit with Application Package
    1/17 Exhibit 4 
    WHEDA Schedule of Fees 
    Breakdown of fees for various services As needed
    3/11 Exhibit 5 
    Confirmation of Receipt of Appraisal 
    Signed by borrower to verify receipt of appraisal Submit with the Closing Package
    8/11 Exhibit 6 
    Lender Certification for Individual Unit Financing 
    Lender certifying the condominium project is in compliance with FHA guidelines Use for any condominium financing.
    10/15 Exhibit 9 
    Finance Charges 
    Used to determine fees included in the APR calculation When preparing the truth in lending disclosure
    7/14Exhibit 13
    Delegated Administrator (DA) Agreement 
    Used to authorize user for WHEDA-Connect New lender application or change in Delegated Administrator