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  • Wisconsin Disaster Relief Programs for Homeowners and Businesses

    Wisconsin homeowners and businesses impacted by the severe storms, tornados, straight-line winds, flooding and landslides may be eligible for financial assistance for repair, cleanup and other costs under a two new programs that will provide up to $4 million in funding, Governor Scott Walker announced September 18, 2018.

    On October 18, 2018, President Donald Trump issued a federal disaster declaration for multiple Wisconsin counties damaged by severe storms, tornados, straight-line winds, flooding and landslides that impacted the state between August 17, 2018, and September 14, 2018.  In this declaration, individuals and homeowners are eligible to apply for federal assistance from both FEMA and SBA.  In some situations, there may still be a need to for additional funds to repair the home to a pre-disaster condition.  In an effort to assist this need, WHEDA has established a $2 Million fund to assist homeowners fill this gap with the Homeowner’s Relief program.

    For more information on either of the two programs please select the appropriate button below.

    Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA) - Disaster Relief Loan program for HOMEOWNERS  Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) - Disaster Recovery Microloan Program for BUSINESSES