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  • State Small Business Credit Initiative

     In 2011, the state of Wisconsin was awarded $22.4 million for the State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI). The SSBCI is a federal resource for job creation and business development in the U.S. WHEDA is using part of these funds to partner in the Wisconsin Venture Debt Fund and the Wisconsin Equity Investment Fund. 

    Wisconsin Venture Debt Fund

    The Wisconsin Venture Debt Fund is designed to provide debt financing to growth companies that create new, high-quality jobs in Wisconsin. These debt funds are intended to be complimentary to early stage equity allowing companies to access capital at predictable costs.

    Wisconsin Equity Investment Fund

    The Wisconsin Equity Investment Fund (WEIF) is a new program deigned to spur equity investments in growing Wisconsin companies. The fund will be used for direct investment into small businesses in the state. The financing provided will leverage private capital investment.