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2023 Foundation Grant Application

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Applicant Information

If you do not have an Employer Identification Number, please put "NA" in the field above.

Indicate the section of the IRC under which the organization is tax exempt. For example, a non-profit organization may be described in Section 501(c)(3).
If the application is a government entity, enter the name of the government entity.


Applicant Classification*

Please select the option that best describes the applicant organization.

Financial Document*

Upload one of the following:

  • Form 990
  • Audited Financial Statement
  • Wisconsin Department of Revenue Financial Report (municipalities)
  • Annual Financial Statement

Project Information

Housing Category*

Introduction about only allowing for one application of each type and separate applications would be needed for temporary and permanent if they want to apply for both.

Please select the option that best describes the type of housing to be provided by the project to which the grant funds would be applied.

Project Beneficiaries* 

Please select the options that best describe the beneficiaries of the project. (Check all that apply)

Grant Information

Grant Request 

Project Address is the project physical location. If unknown, please write “N/A.”

If applicable, please identify any geographic indicators for the project’s target population. (i.e. neighborhood, region, county(ies), etc.)

Executive Summary and Questions

1. Executive Summary*

Please provide the following information in the space provided below. If this information is already included on your organization’s website it is acceptable to include active hyperlinks to this information here in lieu of copy.

  • Introduce your organization and briefly summarize your organization’s history and past involvement in providing housing or housing-related services.
  • Describe your housing problem.
  • Describe how the project will impact the population you serve.
  • Explain how this grant impacts your project.

Project Budget

Use of Funds*

Please select the option that bests describe how grant funds will be used in connection with the project.
Your selection above will require you to provide either "Bids" or an "Offer to Purchase".

Your selection of "Acquisition" requires an "Offer To Purchase" in order to process your application. Please attach it below. If you also have any bids that are related to work being done on the property, please also include those in the Bids section.

Your selection requires a minimum of two bids in order for your application to be processed.
Please attach them below. Multiple files can be uploaded at once.

Authorization and Form Submission

In order to have your application processed, you need to digitally sign our Application Authorization and Certification Form.

If you need some guidance with how to digitally sign a PDF, you can use Adobe's online signature tool.


Other Supporting Documents (Not required for application)

  • Annual reports
  • Letters of recommendation
  • List of board members
  • Photos
  • Others