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Small Business

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WHEDA Emerging Business Performance Report – This report provides highlights, information and data on the program’s progress and the positive impact it is making to help spur local economies.

WHEDA Small Business Guarantee (WSBG)

The WSBG helps to acquire or expand a small business with favorable financing terms.

Neighborhood Business Revitalization Guarantee (NBRG)

The NBRG helps to bring or expand business, or develop or rehabilitate commercial real estate in an urban area.

Quick Reference to Underwriting Guidelines:

Contractors Loan Guarantee (CLG)

The CLG helps contractors complete contracts and build their business.

Agribusiness Guarantee (AgBG)

The Agribusiness Guarantee helps new or existing businesses obtain financing on favorable terms to develop or expand production of products using Wisconsin's raw agricultural commodities.

Transform Milwaukee Loan Guarantee (TMG)

The TMG is an exclusive WHEDA product offering created specifically to help small businesses located in the Transform Milwaukee area to obtain or refinance a loan through a Wisconsin lender to expand their business.