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Neighborhood Business Revitalization Guarantee (NBRG)

The NBRG helps to bring or expand business, or develop or rehabilitate real estate in urban and rural communities.

Features & Benefits

  • Lower Interest Rate-improves profitability
  • Revitalizes Distressed Urban and Rural Areas – improves neighborhoods
  • Reduces Risk for the Lender - makes it easier to approve the loan


  • Maximum guarantee is lesser of 50% or $750,000 for fixed assets, permanent working capital, and inventory.
  • Maximum guarantee is lesser of 50% or $200,000 for revolving working capital.

Examples for fixed assets, permanent working capital and inventory loans/guarantees:

Principal Amount  Maximum Guarantee  Guarantee Amount 
  • Maximum term of the guarantee is 5 years for fixed assets, inventory and permanent working capital, and 2 years for revolving working capital.
  • Amortization may exceed the term of the guarantee but cannot exceed the useful life of the security.
  • Interest rate is set by the lender and is subject to WHEDA® approval. A variable rate loan may not exceed Prime + 2.75%.
  • Loan must be secured by the assets being financed. Personal guarantees may be required.


  • Closing fee equal to 3.0% of guaranteed amount*
  • Servicing fee of 0.50% on the outstanding guarantee amount due annually and it is to be paid by the Lender.

*May be financed and included in the loan request, but these fees will not be guaranteed.

How to Use NBRG

Gives you a summary of the process.
For Businesses and Developers
For Lenders 


Business/Developer Eligibility
What types of businesses or developments are eligible?

Use of Loan Proceeds
What are the eligible uses for the proceeds of a WHEDA guaranteed loan?