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Financed Multifamily Properties Reporting Requirements Schedule

Due Dates for Reports
Date Due Reports Due
January 15 4th Quarterly Occupancy Report
March 1 Annual Audit
Annual Owner Certification
April 15 1st Quarterly Occupancy Report
April 1–June 1 WHEDA Review of Audits and Update of Grade
July 15 2nd Quarterly Occupancy Report
October 15 3rd Quarterly Occupancy Report
December 1 Capital Budget
As necessary throughout year Site Visits for Physical, Management, or Financial Review


  • Grades/requirements will be updated as needed based on information from various sources.
  • Owners will be updated on their grades at least annually at the time of the audit review.
  • Variance and trending reports wil be run as needed.
  • Occupancy reports will be run as needed.
  • Random sampling of developments will have a full asset management review.