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The WHEDA Refi Advantage is an exclusive mortgage refinance product designed specifically to make home ownership more affordable for borrowers who currently have a WHEDA loan. The Refi Advantage will allow eligible homeowners to refinance their mortgage with as little as 3% equity in their home.

As with most refinance programs on the market, the Refi Advantage will only be accessible to homeowners who are current with mortgage payments, have a good standing mortgage payment history and have a strong overall credit profile. Other eligibility criteria will apply at the time an application is submitted to WHEDA from a participating lender.


  • Qualify with as little as 3% equity
  • Closing costs can be added into the mortgage
  • Access the Easy Close Advantage down payment assistance loan up to a 105% combined loan-to-value
  • Private mortgage insurance may be required on HFA Preferred loans greater than 80% LTV
  • All WHEDA Refi Advantage loans are serviced by WHEDA’s top rate servicing team


  • Property is a condominium
  • Property is a manufactured home
  • Credit score less than 660
  • Bankruptcy or foreclosure during current loan term
  • Property is currently listed "For Sale"
  • Payment of real estate taxes more than 60 days delinquent
  • Current loan was modified within the last 24 months